“One. Word. Sent.” Displayed Across the Globe

Last week during a trip to Asia Minor, our short-term team discussed what it means to live as one, live by the word and live as sent, and Matt Newman shared this mantra with the church we were serving, as well. As I reflect on the week, one of the things that sticks... read more

God Sent You To Our House

Most of the homes we visited that day were people from a Sikh background, a few were Hindu.  But this one happened to be a Muslim family.  I still don’t know for sure how or why we were invited to this home, but I found myself sitting in a living room in SE Asia with... read more

Can We Talk?

On a recent mission trip to Birmingham, England, our team had the opportunity to visit with an organization that works with youth in the UK called The Feast.  They specialize in facilitating interfaith encounters; and have received a commendation from the Queen for... read more

Taking the Gospel to Our Enemies

After church Saturday night, I was talking with a couple who have sensed that God is calling them to take the gospel to a country that is mostly Muslim.  Many of their Christian friends have talked at length with them about such a commitment.  Some have even said,... read more

The Value of Margin

When we moved into our house four years ago as first-time homeowners, I had big dreams about neighborhood ministry. I envisioned block parties, where the 30+ families who live on our street would congregate for food, music, and an inflatable bounce house. I had plans... read more

Welcome to the Mosaic Blog

Well, the ship has left the dock, the horses are out of the gate, we have hit the road…pick your metaphor. The Mosaic Blog has launched. Let me say “Welcome!” and introduce you to this spot in the digital universe.

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