On the Shoulders of Giants

This week, we said farewell to Gary Harrell as he has left the staff of Fellowship and is moving into the next stage of his journey.  As one would expect after 29 years of leadership, there were many stories shared of Gary’s influence shaping the lives of several of... read more

When the Noise Chokes Out the Voice

A newsletter from wise thinkers. An informational email from my church. New posts to my favorite gardening blog. A cute Instagram picture of my kids. An alarm on my phone to remind me to pray for a friend on the mission field. NPR’s Morning Edition catching me up on... read more

We Have Seen the Enemy and He Is….

Look at the person nearest to you right now and say to yourself, “That person is not my enemy.” For most of you, your response is, “DUH, of course they aren’t my enemy. That person is my family member, or friend, or co-worker, or someone I don’t even know.” But how... read more

Welcome to the Mosaic Blog

Well, the ship has left the dock, the horses are out of the gate, we have hit the road…pick your metaphor. The Mosaic Blog has launched. Let me say “Welcome!” and introduce you to this spot in the digital universe.

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