I Run to the Rock

(Editor’s note: In light of the recent catastrophic hurricanes, earthquakes, and violent acts, I felt this article was particularly relevant, even though it was not written to address these specific events.  When life and the world seem to be crumbling (perhaps... read more

Growing Deeper, Reaching Higher

I heard on the radio this week that looking at a tree for 20 minutes a day will improve your mental clarity and sharpen your thinking skills. I realized that since I didn’t see this on the internet, it might not be true. So I decided to put it to the test.  When I... read more

A God Without Walls

NO WALLS! Those of you who KNOW our family probably also KNOW that when athletic ability was handed out, each of us Addingtons probably had our nose in a good book or had all our devices turned up too loudly, listening to our great eclectic playlists on shuffle. Alas,... read more

I Hope You Feel Pain

My wife and I have raised six children into adulthood (or at least some version of it), and we are now proud grandparents to three, soon to be four, granddaughters. The rule at our house concerning our grandchildren is that whatever is necessary to keep them happy,... read more

Lessons Learned from “Parenting, Round 2”

Nothing strikes fear in our hearts more than the long drive on a family road trip. It’s not the boredom or long hours driving the fear. It’s the click of the seat belts and the start of the drive that turns the girls from well-mannered children to wild... read more

Stay – Remain – Rest – Be

A good while back I decided to post some simple and very peaceful words over our kitchen sink. STAY, REMAIN, REST, BE I would read those words often, having found them “randomly” in our Synonym Finder. Somehow they seemed to express what home needed to be... read more

Lessons from a Ballet Recital

I am not a fan of ballet. I don’t fully appreciate it, and for the most part, just don’t enjoy it. I attribute this to my general lack of culture. I am, however, a huge fan of my granddaughters. They are not perfect, but they come close. I have done, and will do... read more

Soul Care and Oxygen Masks

I have recently realized how much effort I put into convincing people, including myself, that I’m not high maintenance; that I’m not one of those women. I spend time fixing my hair or choosing an outfit, desiring to look a certain way, but always with a hidden motive... read more

Fishhooks, Thrones, and lots of STUFF

Has scripture ever felt like a fish hook in your heart? It was one of those moments just the other day when it felt like God’s word literally pierced my heart, and gave me a tug.  The words seemed to get bigger, my reading got slower, and the world around faded away. ... read more

A Love Given, not Earned

My life has felt hectic the last few weeks. Flu, strep, and a tummy bug have all made their slow, painful way through our little family of five. I’ve been coping with the discomforts of early pregnancy (16 weeks, woot!). My sister’s wedding is quickly approaching, and... read more